Overview: City Council elections are conducted on the first Saturday in May of each year. Two Council Member positions, one from the east ward and one from the west ward are up for election every year and the Mayor position runs every third year. All members of the City Council and the Mayor are elected for three-year terms and there are no term limits.  

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GENERAL ELECTION on May 6, 2023  

The next General Election will be on Saturday, May 6, 2023 at Rockdale City Hall. This election will be for one Council Member for the East Ward and one Council Member for the West Ward.  

Election Notices and General Information  

Notice of Voting Order Priority (PDF)
Notice of Required Identification (PDF)
Photo ID Required (PDF):Texas Secretary of State poster
First Steps (PDF) for Candidates Running for a City Office

Notice for Filing Deadline for May 6, 2023 General Election
Notice of Drawing for Name on Ballot for May 6, 2023 General Election

A list of current Council Members is available by clicking here.

GENERAL ELECTION on May 6, 2023  

The next General Election will be on Saturday, May 6, 2023 at Rockdale City Hall. Filing for a place on the ballot is set by State statute and will run from January 18 - February 17, 2023. Find additional election-related dates and information at https://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/index.shtml (posted in accordance with TX. Legis. H.B. 305, effective September 1, 2019).  For more information, click here

A complete 2023 General Election Application Packet may be viewed here. Once you have submitted an application for a place on the ballot or declared as a write-in candidate, the City Secretary will provide a link to the Candidate Packet.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE:  Per the City Charter, Article III City Council, Section 3.02 Qualifications.  On the day prior to the date of the scheduled election to be held for such office, the mayor and councilmembers shall: (i) be at least twenty-one (21) years of age; (ii) be citizens of the United States; (iii) be qualified voters of the city; (iv) have been residents of the State of Texas for at least twelve consecutive months; (v) have been residents of the city and the district for which they seek election, or an area having been annexed into the city and/or the district, for at least twelve (12) consecutive months; (vi) not be delinquent on any indebtedness to the city; and (vii) meet the other qualifications for eligibility set forth in the Texas Election Code. No city employee shall be eligible to file for election as a member of the council. Also, no candidate for or member of the council shall hold any other elective public office.

West Ward                                                                      East Ward
Lin Perry                                                                         Brittany Bell
                                                                                        Dave Melton

RESULTS and VOTING ROSTERS from Elections on May 7, 2022 

Official Results (PDF)   

Note: To see copies of voting rosters no longer listed on this page, go to E-Services, then Archive Center, then Elections.

Election Map

View a map (PDF) of the City of Rockdale East and West wards.
View a copy of the Milam County Voting Precincts map.

Bond or Sales Tax Elections

Bond or sales tax elections are held either on the first Saturday in May or on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. No bond or sales tax election is being planned at this time.

Election Division Contact Information   

Questions/comments regarding City elections should be directed to the City Secretary’s office:  
Rockdale City Hall, 505 West Cameron Avenue, Post Office Box 586, Rockdale, Texas 76567;
by phone at 512-446-2511; or by email to City Secretary .  

More Information

To register to vote, find upcoming election dates, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the Texas Secretary of State's special voter page, VoteTexas.gov.  For additional general information, please visit the Secretary of Sate's website.