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Posted on: July 13, 2020

Trash Service in COVID Phase 2 Operations - Service Delays possible

The City of Rockdale received the following message from Waste Connections (the city’s trash service provider). 

Please be advised they are currently operating in PHASE 2.

Should they return to PHASE 3 (which was in effect in April/May), the City of Rockdale will request the return of a self-service dumpster to be placed at the Public Works yard on Mill Street (where the water tower is located) which would be accessible to our citizens during business hours for overflow household trash only.

We will send out another notice when/if Waste Connections enters Phase 3.  For now, please understand that normal services are currently in effect during Phase 2, but due to staggered start times of personnel, we may experience delays in pick-up.

The City of Rockdale is monitoring the COVID situation and still looks to reschedule Stash Your Trash later this year.  

Thank you so much for your patience.


In recent weeks, Waste Connections has seen the number of daily new cases of Covid-19 infection reach record highs. Waste Connections is seeing similar trends with employee family members and friends testing positive. In these cases, we are following protocol to keep our personnel away from work and place them on quarantine. Thankfully, we have not had any of our own staff become infected. But, the trends remain very concerning.

We must to take this opportunity to reiterate the plan for continuity of operations. In the event of a large shortage of personnel, your community can be assured that we have a course of action.  At the moment, we have not experienced significant impact to our serviceability and our customers should not see delays as a result. However, we are frequently monitoring the situation in order to remain prepared with plans for continuity of our operations in a number of scenarios. Our current phase (Phase 2) along with any subsequent phases of approach is outlined below:

  • Phase 1: Total operational coverage and no immediate threat.
    • Precautionary measures are taken to increase hygiene and social distancing. No impact on service capacity while all personnel continue reporting for regular duty.
  • Phase 2: Total operational coverage or with minimal impact as local cases of Covid-19 arise in our communities.
    • Ramp up precautions including remote work mandated for non-essential personnel, and stagger start times of operational personnel to increase social distancing.
  • Phase 3: Partial impact to operational coverage as local cases begin to impact availability of operations-essential personnel in the form of prolonged school closures and/or some cases of our own staff being quarantined.
    • All Residential collection services are reduced to “cart only” in order to reduce chance of contact of our personnel with solid waste via manual pickup. Contents outside of container will not be collected to reduce risk of exposure of operational personnel. This includes suspension of collection Residential Bulk & Brush.
    • We begin operational triage to prioritize coverage of services most essential to the health and safety of our community partners. Lower priority services are more susceptible to delays or temporary suspension. Prioritization (from low to high) of collections services are deemed as follows:
      • Industrial/Construction Recycle (Lowest Priority)
      • Industrial/Construction Trash
      • Commercial (Non-Residential) Recycle
      • Commercial (Non-Residential) Trash
      • Residential Bulk & Brush
      • Residential Recycle
      • Residential Trash (Highest Priority)
  • Phase 4: Limited operational coverage necessitates further suspension and prioritization of services as frequency of Covid-19 cases increase results prompts broadened quarantining.
    • Residential collection services remain reduced to “cart only” in order to reduce chance of contact of our personnel with solid waste via manual pickup. Additionally, Residential collection services are impacted accordingly:
      • Residential Bulk & Brush – collection services remain suspended
      • Residential Recycle –To maximize operational efficiency, recycle contents will be comingled along with Residential Trash collection and will not be recycled
  • Phase 5: No operational coverage as frequency of Covid-19 cases prompts a lockdown or full quarantine for our communities.
    • All collection services are suspended until lockdown is lifted. When the lockdown is lifted, we will revert to Phase 4, then work our way upward to and through Phase 1 approach.

Our commitment remains to the health and safety of all people – our customers, our employees, and community members.



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